About teeLARGE

Child of GOD, Father of 4, brother to 5. Life Experiencer. People Motivator. 

Sure, a couple things were hereditary or generational, but most of my life’s bruises have been self inflicted. Can’t blame anyone else but myself. 

College dropout. Father of 4, by 3 diff women. Failed marriage. Failed Entrepreneur. Spiritual runaway. 

Then one day I decided I wasn’t going to fail anymore. Straight up. All my failures and shortcomings are now blocks for me to learn from and stand on.

Now I can talk about my failures, talk about my missteps because they are not the ties that bind me anymore. They are simply speed bumps on the streets of my life. This car is still moving, tires are in great shape, engine cranks up just fine, oil changed recently,  trust me I’m good!

So now I am speaking positive things into existence. If my story can save 1 young person a headache or a heartache then this journey is all worth it. 

My life is turning 180 degrees around. You can’t turn 360 because you’ll end up in the same spot. , So it’s 1 decision at a time….1 day at a time. The first step to becoming better, is doing better.  

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One thought on “About teeLARGE

  1. First let me say I commend you on this journey. I’ve found myself struggling with not wanting to be alone either. After coming out of a 13yr relationship and having 3 kids with that person it’s definitely a struggle. I think my struggle is moreso that thought of thinking no one wants someone with 3 kids but I know He will place the right person in my life. I will definitely keep you uplifted on your progress!!!! God Bless!!!!

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