….Letter Coming

…I want to write. I need to write. I have to find time to write.

I missed my weekly “Tee on Tuesday” post but I have a valid reason why. A really good reason!

Bare with me…. I hate to go into the new year like this but this has been one of the busiest/hectic weeks of my life.

This is my mini-apology to those of you that have stayed on me about my blog this week.

What I will say is this…… you need to go into this new year UN-comfortable. No settling. No regularly scheduled life. Unlocking your dreams & meeting your goals will take all of your ambition and all of your work ethic. Those two qualities don’t function in comfort. Shake things up…then go achieve those goals!

I’m working like I’ve never worked, to get what I’ve never had. Remember you cannot do it all. Handle your business then you say a prayer and let your Higher Power handle the rest.

Tee on Tuesdays 12.15.16

Happy Tuesday & welcome back to all my teeLARGE.com weekly readers, for some crazy reason you people keeping coming back for your weekly dose of foolishness. Special hello to all my first time readers….I do a weekly “Tee on Tuesdays” post every Tuesday at 10am. That’s my  only guaranteed post on the site. The others posts are just at random. I’m a work in progress.  

Speaking of random it’s currently 1:56 am, exactly 8 hours and 4 minutes before this post will go live and here I am just entering the second paragraph. I am super exhausted, I just walked in the door from doing a late night HangmanHsv job. I mounted 2 additional TV’s and put together a TV stand in a previous clients home. The customer is happy but dang I sure burnt the night oil on this one.

How about I do 10 random things (stream of consciousness) and then call it a night, Deal?

  1. Ahhhhhhhhhh shooot! I just remembered my big sisters birthday was last week December 3rd and I didn’t call or contact her. That was the same morning my homeboy passed. I was pretty out of it that day. No excuse though. My sis actually subscribes to my blog so Tonnie if your reading this I love you and I’ll call tomorrow! and HAPPY BELATED!! 

2.  About 20 minutes ago I thought I had lost $175. I know I’m exhausted cause the money was in my wallet the whole time. My wallet was in my pocket, on me. The whole time. I tore up the living room and dining area of my apt. That’s how drained I am. 

3. I wonder does my apartment complex think I am just a disgruntled resident, or am I the “angry black guy”. Lately they have been under my skin for the dumbest of reasons. How does an entire building get a noise notice? Why doesn’t the apartment/resident that is making the noise get the noise complaint. For all of us to get a notice and I emphatically know I haven’t made a peep much louder than a whisper is upsetting. I was fire hot when I saw that note on my door. I also got a cigarette warning. I have never smoked a single thing a day in my life. Now that I think of it,, I’m never even home! We’ll see how this thing plays out. 60 day notice anyone?

4. My dad will be in town this weekend for 2 weeks. This will be the first time in well over a decade we’ve been in the same city for that long. This should be good. He came to Maya’s first basketball game this past weekend and yelled at the head coach to bench Maya for making a mistake on a play. All you heard was “hey…..bench her”…. as he pointed to his granddaughter from the sidelines! Classic moment. I’m still laughing! I love my dad and am super thankful for his role in my life at this point in our lives. We’re both in a good place. 

5. I interviewed for a job today. I also got a couple calls/emails about other job openings in town. Looks like I”ll be back in someone’s hr/recruiting department shortly, which isn’t a bad thing. The position I interviewed for today has ALOT of potential upside. Smaller company, but growing and on track to continue growing well into 2016 and beyond. I actually enjoy recruiting, the people you meet, contacts your make. the challenges of getting someone to the interview process and then thru  completion/on boarding. I definitely should have opened my own recruiting/staffing firm years ago when I had the chance. I’ll still keep my HangmanHsv thing going. I’ll always be entrepreneurial, it’s in my heart. Never Not Working. 

6. I let the guys in the barbershop convince me to keep my beard at its current thick/full height. Next time I’ll be my own man and get what I want. I am tired of this thick. I really want the light shadow look for awhile. 

7.  In my intro paragraph did anyone get a little tight when I used the term “you people” ? I did that on purpose cause I hate the term “you people”. It’s the worst way to categorize a group. Honestly if I wgiphy-facebook_sas with a group of friends and someone rode by and shouted out the infamous “n” word I would probably just look crazy. But if some rode by and called us “you people” I would probably instantly morph into Liam Neeson’s character from the Taken movies. ——-> 

8. It’s now 2:43 am and I just dozed off for 20 minutes. Let’s knock out these last couple bullet points coming off this mini-nap when I should be sleep. 

8 & 1/2 The last time I went grocery shopping it was for Thanksgiving dinner. I’ve been on the go so much I haven’t really eaten. I desperately need a meal fixed on a stove, or an oven with helpings of love, spoonfuls of care, and maybe a few shakes of that Zatarans or Tony Cachere’s Cajun seasoning. I’m out here looking like a “sponsor a child” commercial.  

9. Continuing my my life long quest for the perfect backpack I bought  a new one today. This one is alot like a Patagonia bag (which is what I really want). The only difference is the name is NOT Patagonia, and it’s about $150 less than a Patagonia LOL.  I am a sucker for a new backpack. It’s almost an automatic buy a couple times a year for me. I don’t even know what I am looking for in a bag that will make it the perfect bag. I assume I’ll know when I finally find the perfect one. This one is pretty nice so far. It’s only been 6 hours though so….the verdict is still debatable. Man do I sound like a woman describing her latest purse of what ?!?!?! 

10.   <——- Yes Lord the tenth bullet point. I can finally stop writing and go to sleep. It is 2:51 am. I have to mount a TV for a new customer at 10am. I am thankful that I stuck to my promise to write a new blog post everyweek if it kills me. This weekly commitment is helping me dedicate myself to something which is good for my commitment phobia. I’m so exhausted right now….Jesus be a pillow. 

I’m gone. 

—– Tee.

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Tee on Tuesdays,12.1.15

Well it’s 11:30pm Monday night as I sit down to write my Tee on Tuesdays post for December 1st. In the last 7 days we celebrated Thanksgiving. In honor of my favorite hol-Tee on Tuesdays-iday I think I will do a complete stream of consciousness post about things I am thankful for. If you’ve never read one of my stream of consciousness posts, I don’t edit them. I just type as  I think. Let it spill out onto the page. Here we go….


  1. I’m thankful for family. I had a great thanksgiving day/weekend and my dad, sister and brother were there with me. Dinner was at my house and I grilled/smoked the turkey.

    Saturday the 4 of us went and watched the Iron Bowl together and ate wings in the imagelast smoke filled bar in Huntsville. (You would tolerate the smoke for some of the best lemon pepper wings in the city). Hearing my dad say we gave him one of his best recent memories with all of us sitting there catching up and watching football was great. I’m the only one of us 4 who lives in Huntsville so I appreciate them all coming to town. 
  2. I’m thankful for the ability to be working. If you know me personally you know I stay doing something. The truth is, I have always been a better person when I’m involved in many projects. Right now my hands are in ALOT. I wouldn’t have it any other way. There’s going to be a major door that opens for me because of everything I am doing now. Trust me. 
  3. I’m thankful for my kids. They are absolutely awesome! They bring me so much joy and I just want to be the best father I can be for them. I need them to obey/act right when they are with their mothers more though. This whole ‘act like angels with dad and the opposite with mom” thing is getting to be an issue. Might have to take off the old belt soon. 
  4. I’m thankful for you guys out there reading this foolishness. I appreciate my friends, family and support system for supporting my various ventures and being a listening ear to my crazy life. Also if you just log on here to be nosy I appreciate you too cause you still boost the page stats up. Someone may want to advertise on my site and your page view is just helping my numbers LOL! 
  5. It’s 12:03 am. At this point I am thankful for this tempurpedic I am about to lay down on. I can barely keep my eyes open and I have a busy day tomorrow. I have a 9am appointment to hang a lady’s tv. I mounted two tv’s today. This Hangman thing is starting to catch on.
  6. I’m thankful that my alarm just went off on my phone reminding me that rent is due tomorrow. I wasn’t going to forget, believe me….I am thankful that I am in the position to be able to pay my rent. Somewhere someone is struggling to make rent or a mortgage payment this month. So I’m thankful that a bill is due and I can pay it on time. 

I’m out! 


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Air Max Day, 2015

1:41 am

Ladies and Gentleman today is National Nike Air Max Day. An ode to the greatest pair of sneakers known to man. On this date in 1987, Nike debuted a revolutionary shoe, a game changer with a visible air unit (bubble).

Sneakers were and still are my first love. My children are most important, but sneakers were there first. They are my comfort zone. It’s one of my calling cards. Anyone that knows me knows that I keep a fresh pair on my feet. It’s something as true to me as my big head and my last name.

Air Max Day 2015
“Air Max” Day, 2015. Great photo, until you realize you have to put them all back up.

I get it, at the end of the day they are just shoes. That’s why I rarely clean mine…..they are JUST shoes. I don’t worship them, but I do enjoy them. Nothing beats lacing up a pair…except lacing up a NEW pair.

Enjoy the day, wear your sneakers proudly. Be who you are. I went thru a stretch when I had to look myself in the mirror and ask was something wrong with me. I realize I’m 33, and I own 1 suit. 1….uno…..solo…..one. Instead of forcing it and being something I’m not, I had to continue being confident being me. If you’re like me and you feel more comfortable in a pair of kicks and jeans than you do a suit & tie, so be it. And to my guys that prefer the clean dress up look, I salute you.

Me……well…..let’s just say I’ll always be “….a breath of fresh air, in a fresh pair…

-Tee (@teelarge)

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Weekend recap….March on.


This past weekend was big for me people…historic in more ways than one. I can’t give you everything, keeping a couple things under wraps but what I can say is that I attended the TEDxBirmingham conference (Technology, Entertainment, Design) and it was absolutely unbelievable. UNKNOWN LYRIC, the group I recently started working with was booked to perform at the conference. Yes they did phenomenal (more on that later), but imagine being in the same room as some of Birmingham Alabama’s sharpest minds in Tech, Entertainment and Design. I was pretty much in heaven. More networking than I have ever done in my life. I’m so pumped I wish I could type with the CAPS LOCK ON so you could see my excitement!! …I’m prepping emails to send to every single contact I made. I told God I was at the conference for a reason and I am going to do my part across the board until HE reveals HIS will for me. 

So here’s the story of this picture. The entire conference had been dismissed for lunch break and me being the ever opportunist I ran down to the stage, tossed my phone to a stagehand, got this pic on the 2nd try….and ran back out into the lunch area just in time to find a Chipotle Chicken wrap and fruit cup with my name on it.

20150228_124308<——- One of my two favorite pictures from the weekend. I’ll probably end up framing this pic. This is the first picture that was taken of Unknown Lyric and I. I’m blessed to be apart of this team. I’m excited about their 2015 and I am thankful I get to play a role in it. 

This weekend was confirmation that I’m on the correct road. All things are currently working together. I’ll take my bumps and bruises, they are what’s shaping me into who I am currently becoming.

There is absolutely no room for negativity in my life anymore. The picture is becoming clearer each day in my life and it’s a beautiful feeling. So I’m just going to continue running this race to the best of my ability.



UNKNOWN LYRIC, Kevin (violin) & Jeremiah (guitar).   Special thanks to Ryan Felton for accompanying UL on drums.




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Cliche…after Cliche…

1:29am 2/27/15

Rappers wanna be ball players, ball players wanna rap….and nobody wants to write. Yet oddly enough here I am up at basically 1:30am with a burst of energy to write a blog post similar to a rapper in the studio seeking rhyming words for his newest single, while watching Lebron James ridiculous highlights on Sportscenter. Oh the irony.

When did hard work become synonymous with staying up all night? **Sidenote me using the word “synonymous” in a sentence is what happens when you spend 48 hours in the house because your city is paralyzed under arguably 2-5 inches of snow. So you study words for an hour or so each day to strengthen your vocabulary**

But I digress…

Why can’t we work hard AND get a fairly respectable nights sleep? Let’s examine my day. I’ve already admitted I’ve been in the house the whole day because good ‘ol Huntsville, Alabama decided to take another city wide snow day. I woke up around 11:30am after a long night the night before. I ate a late breakfast with my daughter and played with her for awhile before getting my actual day started. No shower, shave or any cleaning today, unless your counting what I did around the house. I did wash dishes, straighten a closet of two, and a few other small household chores.

The bulk of my day was spent at the computer. I am working on 3-4 projects at the same time. I’m not sure if God is taking me back into the conventional 8-5 work life ever again but I do venture onto Indeed.com, Monster and Careerbuilder just in case. I told God I am not walking thru any door (opportunity) this time, unless its with Him. So whatever door (opportunity) that comes my way, I know it is truly from Him. With that being said, I don’t have a formal job, I’ve applied for some, but I haven’t missed a beat.

The highlight of my day was landing a gig for Unknown Lyric (UL). I’ve stepped into a management/booking role recently for these two talented musicians. Take a acoustic guitarist and a classically trained violinist who both share a love of rock, pop, jazz, gospel and hip-hop and you get “Classical Fusion” the perfect instrumental music genre.

The guys are booked for the TedX Conference in Birmingham, AL this Saturday and so I made some calls and landed us a gig at a popular upscale restaurant nearby for Saturday night. It felt good getting that first booking under my belt. Now I can go get UL on the “Grammy’s” or something LOL! Ask any real salesman and he/she will tell you there is nothing like the confidence your first sale brings. You feel like you can conquer the world.

This gave me the energy to work on the other few projects the rest of the evening. I’m not ready to reveal all of those yet but if you know me personally then you know that one project is everything I do with TeamML6. Micha is building something super special and I am thankful to be apart of that process as well. I am in a really good space right now creatively and I am thanking my Higher Power for every bit of this energy. It is so true that daily time spent with God will unlock everything else. Gone is all negativity including negative environments and negative people that I used to try so hard to keep near. Let Go & Let God is truly the motto.

So all of this brings me back to being up at what is now 1:51am full of energy and in the mood to work. Reading a couple online articles, real ones not the dumb ones people post on Facebook. Doing research people! I’m also replying to emails and crafting some new messages to send out. I’ve traded working 8-5 to fuel someone else’s dreams, to working anytime-anywhere to fuel my own. Cue the Janet Jackson song.

On that note I’m gone good people…..this was fun, let’s do it again soon.

-Tee 2:03am 2/27/15

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