Fresh ink. Fresh thoughts.

12/2/15 @ 11:30 pm

I got a new tattoo today based on one of my favorite Shel Silverstein poems. It has a triple meaning for me.

1. On the obvious side, I’ve always heard the “Travis you’d lose your head if it wasn’t fastened on properly” statement. I won’t confirm or deny the truth in that quote, LOL, but I will pose the question: Who hasn’t forgotten something or misplaced something before?!? Car keys or cell phone anyone ?!?! See, I’m not the only one. 

2. On the more personal side this tat/poem is a personal reminder that I enjoy “doing the most”. Running around like my head’s cut off comes naturally. I enjoy working, I like to GO and I’m an entrepreneur at heart which means you don’t answer to a clock. You work 24-7.  I’m not the “go to work, come home kiss the wife and kids, feed the dog. eat-sleep-repeat” type of guy.  I need a little more action in my day than that. Now if my job was a bomb-disabler or a hostage negotiator we wouldn’t be having this discussion. That’s more than enough action in a day. 

3. On the most personal note, I am a thinker and a dreamer. I am a huge thinker and sometimes I need to be pulled down from thinking/dreaming big thoughts and start making some BIG moves. This new ink is a constant reminder that a brain needs the body to accomplish what it thinks, and the body needs the brain to give direction to what needs to happen. To sum it up, stop dreaming and start doing, but don’t start doing without thinking. 


*I would post a pic of the actual tattoo but my body is under winter time reconstruction LOL. I’m gonna hit the gym and shoot for 2016 summer time fine! Hit up Carsten at Black Hearts Tattoo Shop (corner of Pratt & Church street) for some of the best ink work in Huntsville. Tell him I sent ya! 

Tee on Tuesdays,12.1.15

Well it’s 11:30pm Monday night as I sit down to write my Tee on Tuesdays post for December 1st. In the last 7 days we celebrated Thanksgiving. In honor of my favorite hol-Tee on Tuesdays-iday I think I will do a complete stream of consciousness post about things I am thankful for. If you’ve never read one of my stream of consciousness posts, I don’t edit them. I just type as  I think. Let it spill out onto the page. Here we go….


  1. I’m thankful for family. I had a great thanksgiving day/weekend and my dad, sister and brother were there with me. Dinner was at my house and I grilled/smoked the turkey.

    Saturday the 4 of us went and watched the Iron Bowl together and ate wings in the imagelast smoke filled bar in Huntsville. (You would tolerate the smoke for some of the best lemon pepper wings in the city). Hearing my dad say we gave him one of his best recent memories with all of us sitting there catching up and watching football was great. I’m the only one of us 4 who lives in Huntsville so I appreciate them all coming to town. 
  2. I’m thankful for the ability to be working. If you know me personally you know I stay doing something. The truth is, I have always been a better person when I’m involved in many projects. Right now my hands are in ALOT. I wouldn’t have it any other way. There’s going to be a major door that opens for me because of everything I am doing now. Trust me. 
  3. I’m thankful for my kids. They are absolutely awesome! They bring me so much joy and I just want to be the best father I can be for them. I need them to obey/act right when they are with their mothers more though. This whole ‘act like angels with dad and the opposite with mom” thing is getting to be an issue. Might have to take off the old belt soon. 
  4. I’m thankful for you guys out there reading this foolishness. I appreciate my friends, family and support system for supporting my various ventures and being a listening ear to my crazy life. Also if you just log on here to be nosy I appreciate you too cause you still boost the page stats up. Someone may want to advertise on my site and your page view is just helping my numbers LOL! 
  5. It’s 12:03 am. At this point I am thankful for this tempurpedic I am about to lay down on. I can barely keep my eyes open and I have a busy day tomorrow. I have a 9am appointment to hang a lady’s tv. I mounted two tv’s today. This Hangman thing is starting to catch on.
  6. I’m thankful that my alarm just went off on my phone reminding me that rent is due tomorrow. I wasn’t going to forget, believe me….I am thankful that I am in the position to be able to pay my rent. Somewhere someone is struggling to make rent or a mortgage payment this month. So I’m thankful that a bill is due and I can pay it on time. 

I’m out! 


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“The Millenials”

…more details to come but I wanted to go ahead and put this out there for my audience. Kenny Anderson, Director of Multi-Cultural Affairs for the City of Huntsville, has invited me and a few other colleagues to be on his radio show. Kenny has held his show in one format or another for 20+ years and it has always been regarded as a great arena to express views and form conversation. He often gathers people from a wide range of backgrounds, races, ages, and socio-economic classes to discuss topics important to local and national audiences.

This is a great opportunity for me to expand the TeeLarge brand and connect with some of my peers in a thought provoking way. I’ll give you all the specific date and time as details are handed to me.


Tee on Tuesdays, ….going slow like a yellow light.

Hey good people, thanks for tuning in for another installment of T.o.T (not sure if I like the abbreviated version, it’s mega corny, but we’ll go with it for now.

So the other night I’m SITTING at a red light typing a couple notes into my phone. I just switched from the Note 5 to the S6 Edge (I’m team android but this is unnecessary info related to the story). I see headlights behind me so I put my phone down and proceed to make a right turn as to not hold up traffic. NoTurnOnRed_01Seconds later I see flashing lights and I move to the side of the road, confused as to why I was being pulled over by the boys in blue. *Quick important sidenote* –› Thank God I’m alive to tell this story cause well…(looks at skin tone)….. you know. Turns out I was being pulled over for turning right at a red light before the light turned green. Before you even ask, YES there was a sign that said “No turn on red” so was I at fault, Yes. Now that you know I am in the wrong please sit back and enjoy the rest of the story LOL.

This summer, June if my memory serves me correctly, I was in Popeyes Chicken  and in front of me in line was a cop standing with this girl I know. I guess the cop was flirting or dating or doing something with the girl cause he sure was a little tight when she looked up and said “Hey Tee”. I smiled, hit her with the “..oh hey!” and gave her my signature 1-armed church hug to keep it simple while being respectful of whatever they had going on. 

Now while we are in the lobby waiting on our chicken I think I thought of a joke or something or maybe I was about to take a selfie or instagram video (lame I know). It was 5 months ago so I’m not sure exactly but I do know my camera clicked….loudly.  The officer spun around and said “Hey man what you doing?…I can’t get lunch?…You trying to take a picture to make a joke on facebook?”. Instantly I realize he’s macho man trying to flex in front of this girl so I play it cool and say it was an accident.  I was trying to downplay it cause I didn’t want to have to explain the random awkwardness of whatever I was doing (I honestly don’t remember). The cop continues talking mess so I tell him to chill and then right on time thank God my phones rings so I dart outside.

I’m standing outside on the phone as they exit the restaurant with their food.  As they cross the parking lot she says “..bye Tee” and he pops off with “I don’t want no pictures of me on the internet”. Now under normal circumstances this is where I would pop right back at dude with a smart ass comment but I wasn’t in the mood to butt heads with a police officer on a power trip so I let him have his moment. Plus the girl wasn’t MY girl, she was simply an acquaintance, really someone I know more on social media than I do in real life. So I act like I don’t hear his petty comment and head back in to get my 3 wings spicy and a biscuit.

Now fast forward to the other night, this was the SAME policeman from that summer afternoon in Popeyes. I know he recognized me cause he paused after he asked for my license and registration.  Seeing him in my rearview as he approached my car I knew I was doomed. I recognized him instantly. No chance of a warning with this guy, he was still in flex mode and was finally able to exact revenge one time. 

After he hit me with the routine “license and registration” line139e30751aea5488a7061d6595b64bee, the rest is a blur. I was beyond frustrated partially at myself cause the law is the law and he had me at that. Here’s how I rationed the whole ordeal: I haven’t been pulled over in  a couple years and when I look at the last 24 months I’ve gotten away with breaking a few traffic laws LOL. I’ve parked in a handicap outside of Walmart once cause they have 426 handicap spaces reserved and there will never be that many in Walmart at one time. I’ve parked downtown and not put any change in the meter (I was picking up something from a food truck, outside my car for literally 2 seconds). I also made a lane change a time or two (or 200) without using a signal. So I guess I owed HPD this one.

Enjoy this $150 fellas that I have to pay you next month, donuts on me…..from this day forward I’ve got my hands on 10 & 2, all seatbelts properly connected, my phone in car mode, my lights on and radio off. Ya’ll not gonna get me for something stupid ever again.   – Tee

RocketCityMom……adds a dad!

Happy Sunday everyone!!! I’m on cloud 9 right now! How about my first article for was published late yesterday!!! RCM is a great Huntsville (Tennessee Valley) based lifestyle site for parents. Stephenie Walker, the owner, has been a great source of positive energy since I’ve known her. She and I had been in talks for awhile about me submitting a guest article. To be honest I’ve had a couple opportunities to write for some local magazines and websites and for most of those I dropped the ball for one reason or another. This time I wasn’t going to let a great chance slip away. CLICK HERE to read my published article. 

I love being a father. My journey is far from easy. Hell I wouldn’t recommend it to anybody. I wish I would have doing things the right way and got married and built my family the way God intended. But if my journey allows me opportunities like this and to be able to help someone else out there going thru it then great! 

I’m not going to post my article on my site yet cause I want to drive traffic to my article on the RCM website. CLICK HERE to read my article. 

Here are a few other great articles on 

  1. Kids Eat Free locations in the Huntsville area, CLICK HERE
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  3. Articles about Special Needs Parenting, CLICK HERE  

Thanks again Stephenie for the opportunity. All my friends and family please jump on RCM and leave a comment under my article so I know it’s real LOL!! CLICK HERE to read my first published post on 

Tee on Tuesdays….on a Thursday morning.

Tee on Tuesdays is my weekly post that’s supposed to go live each Tuesday at 10am. This week’s entry is posted 48 hours late because I forgot to set the scheduler on the post,…so it’s been sitting in draft mode LOL! Also special thanks to Cece for the reminder text!

For this installment of “Tee on Tuesdays” let’s talk about conversation, discussions, being nosey, being curious, etc…. Here’s my transparency and it’s not anything I don’t think isn’t already understood about me; I’m a talker and I am becoming a better listener. I enjoy conversation probably more than most people. I enjoy getting to know people. People fascinate me. Nobody’s the same, everybody’s story is different. 

I’ve always enjoyed casual conversation. Where are you from? How’d you grow up? Who are your folks (for all my southerners)? Are you from here? When was the grand plan when you were growing up? What are you doing now? I can go on and on. 

Personally I don’t see anything wrong with asking questions. How else am I (or anybody else) supposed to get to know someone? Now I don’t drill you with 50 questions in a row; and if I do that trust me it isn’t on purpose. I ask questions to create a conversation. If I ask you where you went to school or what was your major, doesn’t it make since to say “what about you” after you answer me? I’ll answer and then we have the building blocks to a healthy conversation. If nothing else, It’s common courtesy. If you’re the type of person that doesn’t hold return conversation then of course I’m going to sound like the nosiest person in the world.  

This post stems from a couple opposite encounters I’ve had the last couple weeks about me asking questions or my conversation style. One person who at one point in life I would’ve considered a friend, went completely cold and defensive and questioned what was up my sleeve or what was my motive. The other person randomly thanked me for being a guy willing to carry on a decent conversation with a female that covered multiple topics and sex wasn’t one of them. Looking back, I don’t know what to make of either situation. I was simply trying to have a conversation. 

I don’t want to go into further detail on either of those cases but I will say in both instances my intentions were simply to have positive conversation and get to know the other person better. That’s it. Maybe I could use some conversation pointers. Maybe some tips or tricks would be helpful.  

Man I have so much to discuss. I can’t wait to write again. 

*** ⇑⇑ Ok so that was my unposted “Tee on Tuesday” article from 11/17/2015. Cleatly it’s unfinished but I’m not going back in scheduled time to fix this mess LOL….I’ll do better next week****

Open letter to my son Tyler, on his 7th birthday.

Dear Tyler Anthony Large,

7 years a son. 7 years my son. I never wanted anything more than 1 son. I’m not sure if it was the biblical tales of Cane and Abel, or Jacob and his brothers who betrayed him but something scared me and has always made me only want 1 son.

10356315_815097458515262_551887376680417727_nThank God you came my way 7 years ago. When you get older, I pray we can sit on the back patio of your new home, pop the top on whatever beer you’ve got on ice for me and have a real talk. I’ll tell you how scared I was from the minute I found out your mother was pregnant. We’ll discuss how I didn’t think I would survive a single day with a third child. I’ll tell you what I was making per hour at the time and hopefully you’ll do the math and see that even on paper it didn’t add up. Not only that, I knew that having a son meant I had to grow up. A son carries your name into a new generation.

The awesome thing is , as of this day….roughly 59 minutes before your birthday, as you lay sleep in your bed just down the hall from me, we’ve made it. You’re here. You’re a blessing to everyone. So full of life and uniquely you. You’re not instantly me the way your sister Maya is, your not an even split version of me the way your sister Kayden is either. Heck sometimes I don’t even know if you are a combination of your mother or me at all. You look like your Uncle Devin and on most days you act like a living breathing ninja turtle! Your just Tyler, but your forever my son.

In the last year I’ve seen you fall in love with reading and school as a whole. Your mother and I joke about how whenever your in one of our cars you read every street sign, speed limit sign, business name, and billboard. You’ve also fallen in love with gymnastics. I didn’t know what to think at first, I mean I am a traditional football, baseball and basketball man myself. I do acknowledge that you do more flips than Bruce Lee watching a Ninja Turtles movie. Sometimes I think that you actually think you are Donatello in real life. Sometimes it’s hard to get you out of character and just be Tyler! What I had to realize is that you are going to be your own person and my job is to love you and not force you to be or do what I want. 10391044_824817907543217_6587823940807178826_n

You finally got a little height this year. That’s great….take all of that you can get over the next decade or so. I’m 5″10 and both your granddad’s are right around there too. Hopefully you’ll cross that 6 foot threshold for us. It’s no fun having “Large” as a last name and really being small! But remember, even if you get me in height and weight you’ll never be able to take me. I challenged my dad once thinking I could beat my old man. Your grandpa whupped my ass something serious. By the grace of God your mother and your uncle Mario were there to pull me back to my senses.

Can you believe your halfway through the first grade? You really are growing up fast. I know if you get another “yellow” behavior card you not gonna live to see 2nd grade. Hopefully you understand that your mother and I don’t tolerate cutting up in school. We don’t have to worry about you too much though. You’re a great great son to have.

You and your sister have adjusted well to me not being in the home with you guys anymore. I know it’s been almost 2 years since I’ve been gone and kids are resilient but I was still scared. IMG_20151111_145235The love I get from seeing you happy to be a “daddy’s house” makes paying this over-priced apartment rent all worth it every month. This past summer was great grilling out and hopping in the pool just about everyday. We won’t tell anyone how you jumped into the 5 foot end like you were a Olympic hopeful and I had to snatch your out. You scared the absolute sh*t out of me! I cried like a baby that night. It made me realize just how fragile life is, and how quick it can all change.

This next year is bound to be exciting. Your 7th birthday today and I get a front row seat for the next 365 days until your 8th. Son I  don’t care what we do, as long as we’re doing it together. Continue being you, and building Tyler’s life.

Love Always,

Dad (Travis Large)