Established in March of 2015 by Travis “Tee” Large. At our core, RunHSV is a lifestyle based fitness group. It’s a gathering of individuals from varying backgrounds who are passionate about growing in ALL areas of life (mind, body and soul) and want to have fun doing it! All ages, races and genders are invited! 

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The days of doing better and being better are now!

So how does it work?

1. Stay locked in with us thru our social media (@RunHSV) / email ( and be on the lookout for the next #RunHSV meet-up. Make sure you pay attention to correct dates/times for the meet-up. We don’t want you go to the wrong place LOL!

2. Follow the directions on what we ask you to bring. Notice that we are promoting mind, body and soul at each meet-up. For example, we might ask you to bring a canned good to the next meet-up, with plans to collect everyone’s canned goods and deliver them to a local Homeless Shelter. We’ll explain why we told you to bring whatever item(s), when you get to the meet-up.

3. On the announced day and time, throw on your workout clothes, grab a water or gatorade, towel and be ON TIME at the meet-up location. When you get there you’re going to see a group of us, come say hi and meet your new team! We’re your encouragers, motivators, trainers, coaches and hopefully new friends.

DSC_60034. After the greeting and stretch/warm up, you will be led thru a 30-40 minute fitness routine from a certified fitness instructor. This session MIGHT include zumba, pilates, yoga, jogging, running, or athletic team drills (cones, tire flips, etc) all designed to help you get or stay in shape. It’s completely up to the trainers to decide the meet-up fitness activities and we’ll be rotating trainers so no two meet-ups are the same. This is our body exercise of the meet-up.

5. Grab a sip of water, wipe the sweat off and wind down from the body portion as we move into the mindportion of the meet-up. The person(s) designated as moderator for that meet-up will get 3-5 minutes (prepared in advance) to positively impact the group. This is NOT a sermon, instead this person will simply be themselves…probably make us laugh, encourage us, and motivate us to achieve whatever goals in life we are working towards. You don’t have to be a trained public speakerDSC_6025, just be you! This is our mindexercise of the meet-up.

6. Before we break, we’ll announce where our charity is being donated for that night. Again examples include a canned food drive, coat drive, gently worn shoes, pencils and notebooks for grade school students, etc. Each time we meet-up there will be a different charity drive. This is our soul exercise of the meet-up.

7. Now let’s have some fun, take some photos with your new friends and post for social media using hashtag #RunHSV and #AreYouIn. We want each session to become bigger and better and that’s going to take your help! Make sure to follow and tag us in EVERYTHING. We are@RunHSV on all social media sites. (FB, IG, Twitter, Gmail)

That’s it…we’re done….hopefully you had a great time and we”ll see you at the next #RunHSVevent!!! 

We’re named “RunHSV” because we truly believe that thru “running Huntsville” or being active/involved in our city thru mind, body, and soul, we can make our local community better!


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